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Shabbaton bookingThe Shabaton is for single girls ages 21+


January 12-14


At the Armon Hotel, Stamford CT

All listed prices reflect the earlybird discount of $30- No coupon code is needed

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Total $850

Please note: ll cancellations will be subject to a 50% refund until December 24th.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shabbos "Connect"?

Every day, thousands of girls and women in need of a shidduch, partner with couples struggling with infertility and they daven on each other's behalf. This January 12th, members of the Ohel Sarala family will have the opportunity to come together for an uplifting and enjoyable Shabbos, together with Ohel Sarala founders, Rabbi and Mrs. Schlomo Bochner & Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg . It will be a Shabbos of chizzuk, entertainment, and camaraderie, together with renowned Rabbanim, speakers, and mentors from around the globe.

Can I just come Motzei Shabbos?

Unfortunately , no. Due to the large amount of guests, we will not be able to accommodate Motzei Shabbos only tickets . Only those that are there for the full weekend will be allowed to participate Motzei Shabbos.

Do I have to be an Ohel Sarala member in order to attend?

No. However, if you are not an Ohel Sarala member yet, now may be the right time to sign up and participate in this incredible zchus.

What age is the Shabbos for?

Ohel Sarala runs various events and programs over the year. This Shabbaton is geared ages 21 and up / or the second year out of seminary. There will be separate tracks for various age groups besides for the main keynote sessions. The program will be structured so that there will be appropriate concurrent sessions for wherever you are holding in your shidduch journey.

Do I have to be in Shidduchim to come?

Although the Shabbaton is for girls in the ages of shidduchim, you don’t have to actively be “In Shidduchim” to come. This will be an enjoyable and uplifting Shabbos for you as well.

Will there be more inspiration or entertainment?

Great question! The Shabbos will be loaded with both that no one will be able to get to everything! You will choose what you would like to do according to your preferences.

Do I need to pay to join the Shabbos?

Bonei Olam uses all the funds that the singles donate towards their paired couples’ fertility treatment. Therefore, we cannot fund this Shabbos on our own. However, we are subsidizing the Shabbos at the lowest possible cost so that everyone should be able to attend and have the best experience possible.

Can I use Masser money to pay for the Shabbos?

According to our poskim, you can use up to a third of the cost from maaser money. The rest has to come from your own pocket, but – it’s well worth it.

Shouldn’t I use my money for a midwinter break?

This Shabbos will be more relaxing and enjoyable than any vacation you will go on. And it will surely leave you with inspiration for the rest of the year.

What will be the seating arrangements at the seudos?

The dining room will be divided into basic sections, one of which you will reserve during registration. On Shabbos, you can feel free to sit anywhere within that section.

How late can I book?

The deadline to book is one week before the Shabbaton. However, we are sure that rooms will not last. So, book quickly and make sure you have your room at Ohel Sarala Connect Shabbaton.

What happens if I get engaged? Can I still come?

You are sure to gain knowledge for your future, along with an unforgettable experience as well!

What is the cancellation policy?

Should the need arise that you need to cancel, there will be a refund of 50% up to two weeks before the Shabbaton.

Will there be transportation?

There will be transportation from Brooklyn, Lakewood and Monsey. You can reserve transportation during registration.

Is there a Sunday program?

Checkout will be Sunday Morning after breakfast.

What is the best way to reach an Ohel Sarala Staff member?

You can email [email protected] for a quicker response.
The office number is 732.790.0850
We will try our best to respond at our earliest convenience.
Looking forward!

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