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This year, in the forty days leading up to the yahrtzeit of the holy Tanna Rav Yonasan ben Uziel, (starting May 23) when thousands of people converge at his kever in Amukah to daven for shidduchim, thousands will unite in the segulah of reciting Nishmas for 40 days.

You will receive a new video message every day, from rabbanim and inspirational leaders and speakers, to make our 40 days the most meaningful and impactful.

During these forty days, Ohel Sarala representatives will daven and submit the kvittels of all Nishmas signups at the four largest places of Tefillah in Eretz Yisroel, the Kosel, Meoras Hamachpela, Kever Rachel and Amukah.

These days of tefillah will culminate in a heartfelt Yom Tefillah on the Yahrtzeit of Harav Yonasan ben Uziel at these places together with thousands around the globe.

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This year we will be adding tehillim for the yidden Eretz Yisroel to the daily Nishmas.

Sign up to receive a designated few chapters of Tehillim to recite daily, having ourselves in mind, and all Yidden that are in danger.

Submit your name for 40 days of consecutive Tefillah for Shidduchim at these four locations*

Kvittels submitted after the start of the 40 days will be submitted for any remaining days of Tefilla including Day 40

Meoras Hamachpela
Kever Rachel

*minimum $2 per day donation ($1 for Ohel Sarala members) required to submit kvittel

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Ohel Sarala was founded by Rav Aron Leib Shteinman ZT”L in 2017. to match up singles in shiduchim with couples struggling with infertility to daven for and assist each other.

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